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Pre World War II
In the Beginning...God Created the Submariner
First Combat Submarine, David Bushnell's "Turtle" Used During Revolutionary War
H. L. Hunley - The First Successful Combat Submarine
The Military Channel, Submarine History: USS Holland
Charles Momsen - Series 1 - Close Calls: Early Submarine Disasters
Charles Momsen - Series 2 - The Tragedy of the S-51 and S-4
Charles Momsen - Series 3 - The Three Keys of Sub Escape
Charles Momsen - Series 4 - Escape from the Tang
Charles Momsen - Series 5 - Modern Submarine Escape Methods
Charles Momsen - Series 6 - Momsen: WWII and Beyond
World War II and Korean War Period
Perch Base member and WWII submarine veteran Billy Greives recorded an oral history in 2007 of his war patrols.
Perch Base member and WWII submarine veteran Emil Schoonejans recorded an oral history of his war patrols.
"The Silent Service" Season 1 (39 Episodes) First aired: 1957
"The Silent Service" Season 2 (39 Episodes) First aired: 1958
Silent Victory - Submarine Warfare in WWII
Our Silent Service - A Tribute to the United States Submarine Force
How to Escape a Sinking Submarine | US Navy Training Film | 1953
Drift - Submariner (Official Music Video) - Includes some good footage I've not seen before
Cold War Period
The Submariners (1967) follows the crew of the nuclear attack submarine USS Shark (SSN-591)
Submarines, Secrets and Spies - NOVA
Hero Ships - USS Nautilus
The Cold War: In Enemy’s Depth - The Submarine War (FULL DOCUMENTARY)
Cold War Spy Secrets Under the Sea - Military Documentary
Blind Man's Bluff - History Channel Documentary
Current Period
Commander, Submarine Forces, Submarine Force video
Apocalypse Sub - A look at the US Navy's biggest submarine, the USS Pennsylvania - National Geographic (Ohio Class SSBN)
Secrets of the USS Texas Nuclear Submarine (Virginia Class SSN)
Life Aboard the USS Florida (SSGN-728)
Ex-USS Sailfish (SS 572) sunk by a Mk48 torpedo fired by USS Topeka (SSN 754) in May 2007
Under the Sea: Angles and Dangles on the USS Pasadena
A rare look inside nuclear powered submarine USS Florida | ABC News Nightline
Discovery Channel 2014 series: "Submarines - Sharks Of Steel"
    1 of 4: The Submariners
    2 of 4: In the Belly of the Beast
    3 of 4: The Hunters & the Hunted
    4 of 4: The Hidden Threat
Grandpa Takes The Kids To The Movies...
2017 West Virginia University Marching Band Armed Forces Salute
Twas the Night Before Christmas - Submarine Style! (2011)
115 Volts - Deadly Shipmate (1960)
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