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Arthur Herzberg

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Arthur Leslie Herzberg


Arthur Leslie Herzberg

Arthur Leslie Herzberg


"Bravo Zulu" to Perch Base Life Member Brad Seidel, who "called out the guard" for the funeral and interment of World War II D‑Day veteran Arthur Herzberg on August 10, 2022. Arthur Herzberg was in the Army. He was called "Combat" in the war, because he had seen so much front line fighting. He was part of the 90th Infantry Division, 359th Infantry, Company A. He was a private when he landed on Utah beach on D-Day, among the first wave of GIs to land on the beaches of Normandy. Fighting on the front lines of France, he served as First Scout of his platoon, a position with a notoriously short life expectancy of two weeks. He remained First Scout for almost four months, during which time he received a field promotion to sergeant and was awarded a Bronze Star for bravery. Among many other distinctions, he received a Purple Heart and a Legion of Honor Medal from France.
Sadly, by the time Arthur passed at the age of 97, he had outlived all his veteran friends. When Brad Seidel was notified of the lack of veterans to attend the ceremony, Brad put out the word and mustered out Perch Base member Dan Marks and about 15 other veterans from various services to attend the funeral and interment.

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