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Robert Lents
Eternal Patrol

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We are sad to report that Perch Base Life and Holland Club member and SVWWII member Robert Wayne Lents went on Eternal Patrol at the age of 99 on November 23, 2020.
Our condolences to his wife Carolyn and other members of the family.
Shipmate Robert W. "Bob" Lents, was believed to be the sole surviving member of the crew of USS PERCH (SS‑176), our Perch Base namesake. The USS Perch was forced to scuttle herself after being mortally wounded in a depth charge attack. All crew members were picked up by the Japanese, and sent to Prisoner of War camps. Six crew members of USS Perch (SS‑176) died as Prisoners of War.
Bob was assigned to the USS Seawolf (SS‑197) in 1940 prior to being reassigned to the USS Perch (SS‑176), also in 1940, which was his qual boat.
Click HERE to view an article about Bob's harsh life as a Prisoner of War.
Click HERE to view a recent article about Bob receiving a honor quilt in 2019.

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December 2019 Bob Lents Quilt of Honor presentation

Bob Lents at a Quilt of Honor presentation in December 2019.

Bob Lents, circa 1941.

Bob Lents, circa 1941.

Bob's boats:

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USS Seawolf (SS‑197)

Bob Lent's first boat, USS Seawolf (SS‑197)

USS Perch (SS‑176)

Bob Lent's qual boat, USS Perch (SS‑176).

Your Brothers of the 'Phin Have the Watch.
Fair Winds and Following Seas, Shipmate.

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