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Chuck Luna
Visits Pearl Harbor

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Perch Base USSVI Communications Officer Chuck Luna visited the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites with his wife, Laura, and mother-in-law, Gladys, over Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2019.
Chuck is also our Perch Base Newsletter Editor and Historian.
Generally, the photos include the USS Arizona (BB-39) Memorial, the USS Missouri (BB-36) Memorial, the USS Bowfin (SS-287), and the Pacific Aviation Museum.
Although the USS Bowfin submarine was open for tours, the Bowfin museum was closed. They are adding to it and when it reopens next year it will be the "Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum," not just the about the Bowfin.
Very few comments are added to the photos because most are self explanatory, but if you have any questions, send them to the and we can add more explanation.

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Chuck Luna visits Pearl Harbor

Chuck Luna visiting the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites.

Chuck Luna visits Pearl Harbor

Hangar 79 is an 80,000 square foot seaplane hangar. At each end, the hangar doors’ blue glass windows are still riddled with bullet holes left by the Japanese attack. During the war it was a maintenance and engine repair facility, filled with fighters, bombers and patrol aircraft that were based in Pearl Harbor or en route to the front lines. Today, it holds many of our modern jets and historic helicopters.

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