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Cap'n Noreika
Hula Warrior

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Although Hula dancers are often pretty woman, the origin of the Hula dance is a warrior dance!
A Hula dancer came to LivGenerations, where Perch Base USSVI Life and Holland Club Member Captain Dick Noreika lives, to perform for the residents.
She happened to see Dick wearing his USS Kamehameha cap and promptly invited him to perform with her.
Captain Noreika was commanding officer of the USS Kamehameha (SSBN-642) from 1974 to 1978. He qualified on the Patrick Henry (SSBN-599), was Engineer on the USS Tinosa (SSN-606), XO on the USS Batfish (SSN-681), and Prospective Commanding Officer of the USS Michigan (SSBN-727) during its construction. He also commanded the Trident Refit Facility in Bangor, WA and worked closely with Admiral Rickover conducting Operational Reactor Safeguards Examinations (ORSE).

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