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Annual Awards Banquet

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Perch Base held its Annual Awards Banquet on January 20, 2018 at the Pebble Creek Clubhouse. Our guest speaker was Captain Norman Wells Mims, Jr., USN Retired.

The meeting was opened by Base Commander Howard Doyle and an invocation by Base Chaplain Governor Joy.

Our Base Membership Chairman, Jim Andrews, conducted the drawing for the Early Bird membership contest. The winning member's name was drawn by Captain Mim's wife, Liz. The winner was Rob Gregg.
Jim also awarded longevity pins to members that were present. Dave Heighway received a 5-year pin, Don Demarte and Herb Herman received 10-year pins, Dewey Reed received a 15-year pin and Rick Simmons received a 20-year pin.

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Assistant Western Region Director Jim Denzien conducted the Holland Club Induction Ceremony. The current Holland Club members (qualified submarines for 50+ years) stood for the induction of our new members, Bryan Pellegrini, Don Unser and George Woods, into the Holland Club.

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Don Unser was selected "Sailor of the Year."

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Captain Norman Wells Mims, Jr., (USN Retired,) gave the keynote presentation about the future of the Submarine Service. He also told an entertaining sea story about a time he was on a destroyer to track a submarine launched TLAM cruise missile, but the missile was out of the water and on its way faster than they could track it.
Following the speech, Perch Base Commander Howard Doyle gave Captain Mims a plaque of appreciation for the presentation.

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Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) Chairman, Tim Moore, and ASSM Vice-Chairman, Chris Urness, gave awards to Gudgeon Base and Governor Joy for their contributions to the ASSM during the "CU" Challenge. Chris Urness, Perch Base member and Vice Chairman for the ASSM announced a challenge to all Arizona based submarine veterans. He matched all donations made by Arizona SubVets, up to a $1000 maximum, for all pledged amounts made to the Arizona Silent Service Memorial project up to the Perch Base Annual Awards Banquet.

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Members, families and friends attending the banquet. Apologies to any that were up from their tables as pictures were taken.

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In closing, the bell was tolled for our Perch Base Members who passed on Eternal Patrol since last year's banquet:
David G. Fledderjohn
Albert Landeck
Ted Hunt
Richard Kunze

A fine array of items were up for bid in the Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) silent auction.

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And, if you like to plan ahead, we already have scheduled the next Annual Awards Banquet for the 3rd Saturday in January in 2019! Save the date, January 19, 2019.

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