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Annual Awards Banquet

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Perch Base held its Annual Awards Banquet on January 23, 2016 at the Pebble Creek Clubhouse. Our guest speaker was Admiral Vern Clark, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) from July 21, 2000, to July 22, 2005.
Thanks to Dan Henke, who also contributed his pictures taken during the Banquet. Dan's pictures filled in many things that I missed, and also were better quality than the pictures I took with my tablet.

The meeting was opened by Base Commander Chuck Emmett and an invocation by Base Chaplain Mike Olsen. A Tolling for the Boats ceremony was conducted for those boats that went on Eternal Patrol during the month of January.

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Our Base Membership Chairman Jim Andrews conducted the drawing for the Early Bird membership contest. The winning member's name was drawn by Admiral Clark's wife, Connie.
Jim also awarded longevity pins to members:
Bryan Pellegrini (5 years)
George Debo (5 years)
James Denzien (15 years)
Chuck Emmett (20 years)
Dan Moss (40 years)

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The current Holland Club members (qualified submarines for 50+ years) participated in the induction of two new members into the Holland Club, Capt. Richard Noreika (ret) and Rick Simmons.
Jim Mann also met the criteria for the Holland Club and will be inducted at the Annual Picnic meeting in May.

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Dan Marks was selected "Sailor of the Year."

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View the Citation

View the Citation

Admiral Vern Clark gave a riveting presentation about his Navy experience, his outlook to the future of the military, and a request to embrace those members of the military for their sacrifices who are returning from deployments.

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Arizona Submarine Service Memorial (ASSM) Chairman Dan Moss discussed the Silent Auction in progress during the Awards Banquet.

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In closing, the bell was tolled for our Perch Base Members who passed on Eternal Patrol since last year's banquet:
Jerry Becker
Jack O'Connor
Jim Strassels
Herb Coulter
Ernie Plantz

More banquet pictures of some of the Perch Base members and their guests:

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View the Event Program

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