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Annual Awards Banquet

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Perch Base held its Annual Awards Banquet on January 24, 2015 at the Pebble Creek Clubhouse. Captain Gene Doyle, Commodore of Submarine Squadron 11 out of San Diego, was the guest speaker at the banquet. Awards included induction of Mike Dahl into the Holland Club (50 years qualified,) George Crider as Sailor of the Year, and presentation of "Quilts of Valor" by Ms. Helen Choma to Gene Crabb, Brad Veek, Royce Pettit and Gene Doyle.
Longevity awards were issued to Steve Balthazor, Gene Crabb, Don Demarte, Doug LaRock, Pete Sattig and Brad Veek.
Special thanks to Tim Moore who was the primary coordinator for the event.
Additional thanks (and credit) to Marion Cartland for many of the photos.

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