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Congratulations to the children and grandchildren of Perch Base members who each received $1,000 scholarships during the August 10, 2019 general meeting. The Perch Base treasury provided $500 toward each scholarship and the Perch Base Charitable Foundation provided the other $500 toward each scholarship.
The Scholarship recipients were Jaid Urness, Cameron Millette and Jacen Millette.
Jaid Urness is the Daughter of Perch Base member Chris Urness. Cameron and Jacen are Grandsons of our Perch Base Commander Howard Doyle.
The photo, below, (l-r) shows Chris Urness, Howard Doyle, Jacen Millette and Cameron Millette.
Jaid was already at school, and was not able to accept the scholarship in-person, thus it was accepted on her behalf by her father, Chris.

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Some additional photos of the presentation.

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