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Perch Base USSVI started as a meeting on April 1, 1995 of nine submarine veterans on the patio of Jim Newman's house. (Jim was the first Base Commander.)

Beginning Sign-in Sheet

This was the sign-in sheet from that first meeting.

Base Charter

This is the charter establishing Perch Base, which was granted by the national headquarters of the USSVI.
(Use your mouse to click on the image to see a full size picture of the charter.)

Charter presentation

Then USSVI National Commander Charles Marin, presents the Perch Base its Charter to Jim Newman and Frank Rumbaugh -- Commander and Vice Commander -- of the Base on Sept. 23, 1995. The date of the charter, and Base "birthday," is June 20, 1995.

Charitable Donation Information

The national organization of the United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated (USSVI) is incorporated in the State of Connecticut and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(19) veterans organization with an IRS Determination Letter documenting the Section 501(c)(19) status. This makes the USSVI a "TAX EXEMPT" organization. Thus, USSVI does not have to pay taxes, BUT YOUR DONATIONS ARE NOT "TAX DEDUCTIBLE". Unfortunately, donations are only deductible if at least 90% of the membership are members who have served during congressionally designated periods of war. (Reference: IRS Publication 3386, Tax Guide for Veterans’ Organizations, page 39.) During 2017, our percentage of war veterans dropped below 90%.
The percentage of war veterans is periodically re-calculated and we may again qualify in the future.
The latest USSVI IRS Form 990 Tax Return is available for public inspection via the USSVI Home Page by selecting the "Documents" button on the left column and then selecting the "Organization" button on the left column of the next page.

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