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      ★       Flags at half staff sunrise to sunset Wednesday, May 15, 2019, for National Peace Officers Memorial Day.       ★       Armed Forces Day Parade - May 18 - in Flagstaff.       ★       Memorial Day - At National Cemetery of AZ - May 27.       ★       Monthly Meeting - June 8 - at Dillon's.       ★      
USS Lagarto

Lest we forget to perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. . .
74 years ago, on May 3, 1945, the USS Lagarto (SS-371), sailed off into history on her final and eternal patrol.
Lagarto, along with the submarine Baya were engaged in heavy contact with enemy ships near the outer waters of the Gulf of Siam. At 15:00 on 3 May 1945, Baya sent the first “of numerous contact reports to Lagarto.” By 23:47, “having sent Lagarto contact reports almost half hourly with no receipt,” Baya decided to go it alone. Again, however, the Japanese escorts drove off Baya when she attacked during the mid watch on 4 May, again saving their charges from destruction. Post-war examination of Japanese records revealed the most likely reason for Lagarto’s silence. One of the two escorts made an attack on 3 May against a submerged submarine in 30 fathoms of water at Lagarto's probable position.
86 men were lost.
"Sailors, rest your oars, we have the watch."
Visit the Perch Base Eternal Patrol page.

Perch Base Moving and Storage

Remember that our USSVI Creed, in part, includes "we shall provide a way for all Submariners to gather for the mutual benefit . . . Our common heritage as Submariners shall be strengthened by camaraderie."
On April 25, 2019, Perch Base Holland Club and Life Member Dick Noreika, Capt, USN, (ret) needed help to move his personal effects to an assisted living facility following the sale of his home. Our Western Region Director, Perch Base Holland Club and Life Member Jim Denzien, our Perch Base Commander and Life Member Howard Doyle, Perch Base Member Don Robertson, and Perch Base Webmaster and Life Member Dan Marks were there to help.

April 2019 Annual Picnic Photos

Annual Picnic:
Perch Base held its Annual Picnic meeting on Saturday, April 13, 2019. Some members from Tautog Base (Casa Grande) and Gudgeon Base (Prescott Valley) joined us.
Our Perch Base Commander, Howard Doyle opened the meeting and our Perch Base Chaplain, Governor Joy gave the invocation and the Chief of the Boat, COB, Carl Miner tolled the bell for the lost boats ceremony.
Ceremonies included Western Region District 1 Commander Vic Van Horn (left) awarding our Perch Base Commander, Howard Doyle, his Base Commander Manual.
View more details and pictures HERE.

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EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about it...
The latest Perch Base Newsletter has hit the streets. Perch Base members should have received their copy via email, but the newsletter is also on the Perch Base website HERE.

John Phillip Holland Photo

The “Submarine Force Birthday” is April 11. Holland VI was purchased by the U.S. government for the sum of $150,000 on 11 April 1900 from John Phillip Holland's Holland Torpedo Boat Company. She was considered to be the first truly successful craft of her type. Holland VI was modified after her christening, and was renamed USS Holland (SS-1) when she was commissioned. The United States Government soon ordered more submarines from Holland's company, which became the Electric Boat company. These boats were to be known as the Plunger class. These became America's first fleet of underwater naval vessels.
Some Submariners consider April 11 to be "Wear Your Dolphins to Work Day."

Dewey Reed (recent)

Dewey Reed
Perch Base Life Member and Holland Club Member Dewey Reed STC(SS) departed on Eternal Patrol on March 4, 2019.
Our condolences to his wife, Dottie, and the rest of the family.
The memorial service and urn placement for Dewey Reed at the National Memorial Cemetery was conducted Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.
View the obituary HERE.
Your Brothers of the 'Phin Have the Watch.
Fair Winds and Following Seas, Shipmate.

Eternal Patrol Dolphins

March 2019 Western Regional Roundup Photos

Western Regional Roundup:
The Annual United States Submarine Veterans Western Regional Roundup was held from March 25, 2019 to March 28, 2019 at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino in Laughlin, NV.
Activities included a Memorabilia Auction, Fun Nite, a Joint Men & Women’s Lunch with Speaker Frank Hood, author of "Poopy Suits & Cowboy Boots," a Tolling of the Boats Ceremony, a performance by "The Letterman" in Don's Celebrity Theater, a tour of the Submarine Museum at the Golden Valley, AZ, VFW Post 2555, a dinner with speaker Capt. Richard Noreika, USN (ret,) and several workshops.
View more details and pictures HERE.

Dishes from the Deep cover page

"Dishes From the Deep,"
Perch Base published a 140 page Perch Base cookbook titled, "Dishes From the Deep," vintage 1996, as a base fundraiser. Thanks to Layne Moss who provided a copy.
The recipes taste as good today as they did 23 years ago!
View the cookbook and read more about the cookbook's history HERE.

George Woods installed as Base Vice Commander

George Woods installed as Perch Base Vice Commander
The photo, above, shows the Western District 2 Commander, Vic Van Horn, (right) administering the oath of office to George Woods (left) during the Base Vice Commander Installation Ceremony at the monthly meeting on March 9, 2019.

Vic Van Horn enters Holland Club

Bravo Zulu Vic!
Perch Base Life Member Vic Van Horn was inducted into the Holland Club, having been qualified in submarines for 50 years.
The photo, above, shows the Perch Base Commander, Howard Doyle, (left) awarding Vic Van Horn (right) his Holland Club certificate, letter and coin during the monthly meeting on March 9, 2019.

Scholarships Available
Do you know a young adult who is the son, daughter, step son, step daughter, grandson, granddaughter or under the legal guardianship of a Regular Member in good standing of Perch Base who could use extra money for schooling. (Not just college.) See the Perch Base instruction on our website at

for details.) You can also access the instructions in the Navigation Menu in the upper left corner of any Perch Base webpage and drop down to "Docs and Forms".
The deadline is July 31 so don’t delay!

February 2019 Laveen Parade Photos

Perch Base participated on February 2, 2019 in the Laveen Community Parade.
The parade theme was "A Vibrant Village"
View more details and pictures HERE.

January 2019 Annual Awards Banquet Photos

Annual Awards Banquet
Congratulations to Carl Miner who received the "Sailor of the Year" award at the Perch Base Annual Awards Banquet on January 19, 2019.
Vic Van Horn was inducted into the Holland Club (qualified submarines for 50+ years.)
Our guest speaker was Bob Bissonnette, STSCS(SS), (ret), and now a TEMPALT Install Coordinator at the Arctic Submarine Lab. Bob gave a presentation of ICEX 2018.
View more awards and pictures HERE.

2019 Dillons donation

L to R: Marcus Hensley, ASSM; Scott Nickels, CBU; Tim Moore, ASSM; Keli Kozup, Dillon’s; Laurie McKenzie, Dillon’s; George Valverde, Dillon’s; and Mike Schweighauser, Dillon’s.

ASSM Reaches Goal!
On Friday, 11 Jan 2019, Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) committee members Marcus Hensley, ASSM Treasurer and Tim Moore, ASSM Chairman attended a meeting at the Dillon’s KC BBQ Arrowhead location in Glendale, AZ. This is one of four locations in the valley and is the facility where the USSVI Perch Base holds their monthly meetings on the second Saturday of the month. Tim and Marcus met with Scott Nickels, Charity Benefits Unlimited (CBU), Sr. Sales Fundraising Consultant, George Valverde, Dillon’s owner, Keli Kozup, PR/Social Media Marketing Manager, Laurie McKenzie, Catering Manager and Mike Schweighauser, District Manager.
In a cooperative effort with Charity Benefits Unlimited, Dillon’s KC BBQ presented the ASSM with a check for $8,088.29. This generous contribution made it possible for the ASSM to reach our goal of $100,000 needed to begin construction. We will continue our fundraising effort to subsidize construction costs and have funds available for any unforeseen expenses.
Dillon’s KC BBQ supports a number of Veteran’s activities in the valley and has been promoting the Arizona Silent Service Memorial project for the last two years at all four of their valley locations. Owner, George Valverde said he will continue promoting our ASSM project. We are extremely grateful for this partnership.
When any of our shipmates from around the country are visiting the Phoenix area, we would encourage you to join us at one of our monthly meetings on the second Saturday of the month at the Dillon’s KC BBQ Arrowhead location. When you are here, you can enjoy some libations with us and treat yourself to some of the best BBQ you will ever experience.

Membership map

The image, above, shows that we have members all over metropolitan Phoenix. Left-click on the image for a larger view. If you are a Perch Base member and would like to consider carpooling, you are willing to pickup another member, or you need a ride to meetings or events, send an email to the webmaster at webmaster@perch-base.org.
The Board of Directors will attempt to match you with another nearby member who has similarly asked to carpool, or is willing to pickup another member. The Board will then provide the name, email, and phone number to the interested members that can then get in touch with each other to make specific arrangements. We are not publicly posting names or personal information to maintain privacy.
Keep in mind that if you wait until the last minute to request a match-up for a particular event, we may not be able to respond in time.

Map to Dillon's Restaurant

We meet the second Saturday of every month at 1200 hours (noon if you’ve been out a while) at Dillon's Restaurant, 20585 North 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308-6821 (Left-click address, or the map above, for a Google map to Dillon's.) Come at 1100 for time to "socialize."

Boat Sponsorship Program patch

The purpose of the Boat Sponsorship Program (BSP) is to make the active duty submarine force members aware of USSVI and provide them with information about our activities through sponsorship of the American Submariner to the various Submarine related organizations. After all, these force members represent the future core membership of USSVI.
Perch Base is a sponsor, but did you know that individual members may sponsor each Fast Attack Submarine and/or each crew of the Boomers? Magazines are also sent to VA hospitals, NROTC units, schools and other places. The cost is $30 per year for a total of 12 magazines (three each of the four annual volumes.)
Our Perch Base Life Member Vic Van Horn is the USSVI BSP Program Manager. Let’s make Vic proud. Check your copy of the American Submariner to sign up for the program.

December 2018 Pearl Harbor Day Photos

Perch Base attended the Pearl Harbor Day event on 12/07/2018 at the Wesley Bolin Plaza by the Arizona State Capitol to place wreaths during the ceremony.
We placed two wreaths. One for the WW2 Submarine Veterans and one for Perch Base.
View the pictures HERE.

USS Finback rescuing George H.W. Bush USS Finback rescuing George H.W. Bush

Lt. (jg) George Herbert Walker Bush
In the upper picture, above, the crew of the USS Finback (SS-230) rescues downed pilot, Lieutenant Bush of Torpedo Squadron 51 on September 2, 1944 after Japanese antiaircraft defense shot down his torpedo bomber between the northeastern end of Minami Jima and the southern tip of Chichi Jima. (Left-click the picture to enlarge.)
In the bottom picture, Rescued pilots and the crew and officers of the Finback. Lt. (jg) George Herbert Walker Bush is second from the left in the front row.
Bush, and 4 other rescued aviators remained on the Finback as "guests" while she tracked and attacked convoys, endured depth charges from Japanese escort ships, and sank two ships (an oiler and small cargo ship). The five ended their stay on the Finback on Midway Island on September 29, after 29 days aboard the submarine (and crossing the international date line).
Read more about how the submarine service performed "Lifeguard Duty" during WW2 in the National Archives HERE.

Veterans Heritage Project logo

Veterans Heritage Project
Perch Base member Dick Noreika, Capt. USN (ret) encourages any submariners, but especially diesel boat sailors, to register for the Veterans Heritage Project. Many or our older sub sailors are sadly going on eternal patrol with stories that will be lost forever.
Contact Dick to get registered by emailing him at dicdic@msn.com, or snail mail to P.O. Box 5272, Carefree, AZ 85377-5272.
Students in the Veterans Heritage Project (formerly Arizona Heritage Project) from chapter schools have conducted nearly 1,000 interviews with veterans from World War I to Afghanistan. An important reason to collect these narratives is to preserve them for future generations with the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress in Washington DC, which has collected over 85,000 stories to date.

Click video to START.

The Loss of the Perch

View Loss of the Perch video

Click HERE to select another video.


US Flag at half staff

Peace Officers Memorial Day pays tribute to the local, state, and federal peace offices who have died, or who have been disabled, in the line of duty. As a tribute to the 14,500 sworn peace officers and 6,500 correctional officers in Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey has ordered that flags at all state buildings be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to sunset Wednesday, May 15, 2019 for National Peace Officers Memorial Day.
"Our peace officers choose a life and career of service and they are heroes in every sense of the word. They wake up every day, put on the uniform and badge and put themselves in harm’s way so that others might live in comfort and safety," said Governor Ducey. "Arizona is grateful for these men and women in uniform who protect our communities and we come together to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice."
Individuals, businesses, and other organizations are encouraged to join in this tribute.

65 U.S. Submarines never returned to port. Click on Eternal Patrol and see pictures and stories of the "boats" that remain at sea . . . forever, on eternal patrol.

Need to reach us or have a question?

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USSVI Creed:

"To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.

In addition to perpetuating the memory of departed shipmates, we shall provide a way for all Submariners to gather for the mutual benefit and enjoyment. Our common heritage as Submariners shall be strengthened by camaraderie. We support a strong U.S. Submarine Force.

The organization will engage in various projects and deeds that will bring about the perpetual remembrance of those shipmates who have given the supreme sacrifice. The organization will also endeavor to educate all third parties it comes in contact with about the services our submarine brothers performed and how their sacrifices made possible the freedom and lifestyle we enjoy today."

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We honor those submariners
who have never
returned to port
and remain on
Eternal Patrol

Link to boats on Eternal Patrol

Click on the picture, above,
to see those boats on
"Eternal Patrol"

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Officer Dolphins

WE are an organization with but one simple requirement to join
— have you ever worn Dolphins?
(been designated, "Qualified in Submarines.")

All of us have served their country
in the Silent Service

Enlisted Dolphins


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Because we are the "SILENT SERVICE," many people are unaware of the services our submarine Brothers of the 'Phin performed in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Thirty submarines served in the Korean War, as detailed on the Korean War Educator website *. Sixty-six submarines served in the Vietnam War, as detailed in a letter from United States Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.

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Click here for the Submarine Glossary

Click on the Blackboard for a Complete Glossary of Submarine, Naval and Nautical Terms

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Click on this sentence, or the photo, below, to see how the float was constructed

Pictures showing how the float was constructed

To honor those who currently serve, and those who went before us, we built this float that we use in parades and static displays. The float is a 1/15 scale model of the nuclear powered submarine USS Phoenix (SSN-702,) named after our city. The Phoenix was a Los Angeles-class submarine that was 362 feet long and, on the surface, had 32 feet of the ship under water.

Need a description of the Perch Base float, a scale model of the USS Phoenix (SSN-702)?
Click on the document icon, below, to get the approved and authentic script suitable for parades or other public events.

Refer the event organizers to http://www.perch-base.org/Float-Announcer-Script.pdf

Script suitable for parades or other public events. An anchor line separator
Click here for the Submarine Glossary

Click here for a complete historical listing of all the classes of submarines.